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Wedding trends to look out for

It's been a crazy couple of years in wedding land. The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily influenced trends in this area. Weddings have been postponed and downsized, micro weddings in vogue and guest attire was not complete without a matching mask.


Sparklers are one of my favourite things to photograph and are so popular at the moment. They are requested for 90% of my weddings now. There's just something magical about the sparkler shot but they need to take place at just the right time...

Flowers; Real, Fake and everything in between...

Dried flowers have been rising in popularity as many couples opt for an on-trend boho theme to their wedding.

Faux flowers have also made a come back too. It's not surprising that faux and dried flowers have been opted for during these times, if only for their longevity. With dates being postponed multiple times, couples haven't needed to worry about their wedding flowers.

Those couples still opting for fresh flowers have been edging towards the bigger, fuller bouquets with white roses featuring in the majority of bouquets, interspersed with wild flowers and greenery. Big statement bouquets are great for the photos. Tropical flowers also featured in last wedding season's bouquets.

This coming wedding season brings more certainty for our betrothed couples so I think we will see more fresh flower, big, statement bouquets again. I also think that dried flowers are here to stay as long as boho weddings continue to rise in popularity. The fabric and faux flowers trend was born out of necessity and with weddings being back on track I think we will be supporting our local florists and reverting back to more fresh and beautiful bouquets.

Cream teas

Whether you like jam then cream or cream first, the rise of the wedding cream tea is undeniable! I tell you this with both a satisfying smack of my lips and a deprecating look down at my waist line. If you know me then you are aware of

just how much I love food. In fact, I always thought that the best perk of being a wedding photographer is the food. I have had my fair share of amazingly, delicious dishes and one thing I have had more than my fair share of in 2021 is cream teas. Any one who is an avid watcher of my Instagram stories knows that my wedding meal features heavily on my Instagram stories during wedding season.


When I started wedding photography 6 years ago it seemed that garters and bouquet tosses had fallen out of favour somewhat. Now I love a good bouquet toss, as it makes a great shot, all the ladies scrambling for the prized posy so I'm pleased to report that last year many more of my couples requested shots of bouquet tosses and garters. the revival of the bouquet toss might be as a result of faux floral bouquets being more prevalent, as brides often refrain from the toss for fears of destroying their lovely bouquet. Lets hope this tradition remains as people revert back to fresh

Second shooter

Many couples lately have been opting for a second shooter. When I first started, bookings with a second shooter were in a minority, however, in recent years the number of second shooter bookings have increased until in 2021 over 50% of my wedding bookings included a second shooter. There are advantages to having a second shooter at your wedding. Firstly, a second shooter is able to cover groom prep while I can concentrate on the bridal prep. This is especially important if the groom is getting ready at a different venue from his bride. The presence of a second shooter also means that there is no rushing getting the bride attired. Often the getting into the dress is left to the last minute but couples also like the idea of the ceremony venue being captured with, guest arrival and decor etc. When ceremony and prep are occurring at separate venues this can be tricky but a second shooter allows things to run smoothly. I can capture the bride getting into her dress ehilst my second is able to head straight to the ceremony venue after capturing groom prep.


When I first began my journey into world of wedding photography, videographers weren't common place but over the last couple of years they have become a must-have, with the majority of my couples opting for a videographer. If you are booking a wedding with me and also want a videographer I work well with everyone but if you are stuck I have a few to recommend.

Bridal party kimonos

matching kimonos continue to be the rage and top of the request list is the bridesmaids toasting in their gowns.

Gifts for bride and groom

Brides and grooms exchanging gifts, delivered by a member of the bridal party is now a staple shot. It's the sweetest thing when the groom tears up when opening his thoughtful gift or the bride jumps for joy.

Requests for bridal boudoir shoots before the wedding have soared as well so there's often an extra gift for his eyes only in the box.


Bridal boudoir remains a popular thing to do before the big day. Boudoir shoots are fun and empowering and at the end of it you have a lovely gift to give your husband to be.

Comfy shoes

Brides, unless you're amazingly adept at walking in high heels for 10 hours+ you either need a change of shoes for later in the day or, a trend I've seen growing is bridal trainers. Converses and Keds seem to be the brands of choice. After my third wedding, jealously salivating over these absolutely, gorgeous Kate spade designed, sparkly Keds, I knew what was going to be top of my Christmas list. Yes, you guessed it, I got sparkly Keds for Christmas and I'm now bossing it to Tesco in sparkly shoes even though my hubby teases me when I leave the house. They are he most comfortable, cutest shoes I have ever owned and they are the perfect solution to that wedding shoe dilemma.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Hayley :-)

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