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"What are the Top Wedding Trends to Look Out for in 2024?"

Wedding season is well underway for me so I would love to share with you all my thoughts, on what's coming in and what's on it's way out in the world of weddings based on my vast experience as a wedding photographer in the UK.

Off the shoulder dresses and dresses with removable sleeves

Dresses that showcase the shoulders are very in fashion at the moment and are growing in popularity, These beautiful dresses exude romantic vibes!

Vintage and smaller cakes

Last year the heart shaped single tier Lambeth cake was all the rage and it is still bombarding my Instagram feed. I've seen that Rock my wedding and and Junebug weddings have all featured plenty of these. Whether you love it or hate it this style of cake is here to stay for at least a little longer! Small cakes becoming fashionable are likely to be in direct correlation to smaller weddings being favoured. Big cakes are often being set aside in favour of a dessert table.

A smaller more exclusive guestlist

When covid restrictions were introduced in 2020 we were forced to have smaller weddings but they proved they could be done. Now couples are finding that if they curate their guest list and invite a few really special people they can concentrate on providing a truly memorable experience, investing more in food, floral arrangements, entertainment and beautiful venues. In 2024 it's all about the superior guest experience and the chance for couples to spend more quality time with the ones they love on their special day.

Smaller bouquets

word on the street is that with everything else being smaller, flowers are no different. personally I have yet to see a reduction in the size of the bouquets my brides have been sporting but I have been assured this is a trend that will be with us by the summer.

Handmade, locally sourced and reusable

Couples are more focused on how their wedding impacts on the environment and are finding innovative ways to ways to help the environment and save money too!

Brides and Groom's are putting the skills of themselves and family & friends to good use as they get crafty creating favors and decorations. Sourcing suppliers locally can help reduce carbon footprints and help support your local businesses. Hiring wedding dresses and shopping for vintage dresses is on the increase and you can really snap up a bargain by buying the shops sample dress if it's in your size and ready to be retired.

Disco balls

Disco balls have been big over the last couple of years injecting retro vibes into decor, I believe that these will continue to be popular in 2024.


More colourful palettes are predicted for this year and going forward with peach being the pantone colour for 2024.


Individualised, curated and bespoke weddings that reflect the couples personality and interests are really big and will definitely be on the rise this wedding season and next. I have seen so many beautiful weddings with elements unique to the couple and as brides and grooms excitedly discuss with me their wedding plans during our first meeting, I know I have some even more interesting ones to come.

I have shot a couple of beautiful Harry Potter themed weddings, a Bridgerton styled shoot, a wedding inspired by the couples love of classic novels, a celestial themed wedding and I have a pet themed wedding on the horizon.


Bows are definitely still "in" although vogue magazine has forecast a move away from statement bows. I love a good Bow and a bit of sparkle so I hope they stay "in vogue" a little longer

Fruit as table decor

Fruit on tables is soooo right now. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics of the tablespace but it makes your table both fun and edible and is a great talking piece.

Champagne fountains

Champagne coupes are very trendy at the moment as opposed to the standard style flutes. The coupe style (supposedly styled and Marie Antionette's left breast ;-)) lends itself nicely to the creation of a champagne tower/fountain and these are featuring massively in editorials,

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