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Louise and Ben's celestial Autumn wedding at Lainson House, Winchester

Updated: 4 days ago

Capturing Celestial Magic: Louise and Ben's Starry Night Wedding at Lainston House, Winchester

Louise and Ben's celestial-themed celebration at Lainston House in Winchester was nothing short of magical. The picturesque venue set the stage for a celestial starry night wedding that combined elegance, creativity, and a touch of non-traditional charm.

Lainston House: A Timeless Setting

Nestled in the heart of Winchester, Lainston House is a historic 17th-century country house that exudes charm and sophistication. Surrounded by stunning gardens and rolling landscapes, the venue provides a perfect backdrop for couples seeking a

romantic and intimate setting for their special day. With its rich history and timeless architecture, Lainston House offers a unique blend of tradition and modern luxury.

A Celestial Dream Unfolds

Louise and Ben's wedding theme, inspired by the celestial beauty of a starry night, added a touch of enchantment to the historic venue. The barn, where the ceremony took place, was transformed into a celestial wonderland. The ceiling twinkled with fairy lights and stars, creating an ethereal ambiance that left guests in awe.

Breaking Tradition in Style

The bride, Louise, made a bold and stunning statement by choosing a non-traditional black wedding dress. Her choice not only reflected her unique personality but also added an element of drama and sophistication to the entire event. It was a beautiful departure from the conventional white, and it perfectly complemented the celestial theme.

Homemade Elegance: DIY Flowers and Crystal Bouquets

The couple infused a personal touch into their celebration by having a hand in almost everything the eye could see. With the help of a circuit cutter and her natural crafting abilities, Louise handcrafted her hanging table signs which were named after stars. Also adorning the tables were homemade flower arrangements. The bridal bouquet, set in a purple crystal, added a pop of colour against the backdrop of her stunning and elegant, black dress. This DIY approach not only showcased the couple's creativity but also added a warm and intimate feel to the entire affair.

Starry Tables and Acrylic Delights

Each table at the reception was named after a star formation, tying in seamlessly with the celestial theme. The bride and groom's dedication to detail shone through in the acrylic table decorations, all lovingly crafted by the couple themselves. These personalized touches added a sense of intimacy, making the celebration uniquely theirs.

Golden Hour Romance: A Photographer's Delight

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutley love golden hour. I often get asked to replicate some of my golden hour images and I always let couples know when it is likely that the sun will be just right in the sky. If you really love the images and the time coincides with a speech or dessert, i would advise sitting down togeter and looking at the itinerary and rejogging things to accomodate some golden hour portraits. As the golden hour bathed Lainston House in a warm, soft glow, I had the privilege of capturing Louise and Ben's love against the backdrop of the colourful autumn grounds. The resulting photos radiate a timeless romance and capture the essence of the season, adding an extra layer of beauty to their wedding album.

Pop Punk Vibes: Dancing the Night Away

The reception was a lively affair, with guests rocking the night away to a playlist filled with nostalgic pop punk music. The energy on the dance floor was infectious, and it perfectly complemented the theme.

Louise and Ben's wedding at Lainston House was a testament to their love and creativity. From the twinkling lights above to the personalized table settings and the non-traditional black dress, every detail reflected their unique personalities and the magical theme they had envisioned. As a photographer, capturing these moments of love, joy, and individuality is what makes each wedding a truly special experience.


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