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Charlotte & Josh's Marwell Hotel wedding

On the 26th May 2018 Charlotte & Josh tied the knot at Marwell hotel in Winchester. This was a very special date because it was actually my birthday! Friends said I was mad to shoot a wedding on my birthday but this just goes to prove how much I love wedding photography.

First thing on my list was to go an visit Charlotte, the bride to capture some bridal prep photographs.

we mitigated for the harsh lighting in the conference room with softboxes and some flash and when there were no photo opportunities with the bride and her entourage I took some of the accessories outside into nicer light and surroundings for some detail shots.

After some shots with the bridal party I greeted the Groom and groomsmen as they arrived and captured some group shots.

As everyone gathered for the ceremony there was an atmosphere of excitement.

I always try to capture the look of anticipation as the groom awaits his bride and then the moment when he catches that first glimpse. Here it is...

After the ceremony there were quite a few group photographs to get through. Now mostly I like to do lifestyle/ candid and non posed shots but for anyone who would like to see examples of my group shots here they are...

After the group shots we took a few couples shots...

and the evening reception commenced.

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