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Bluebell Shoots are coming!

Updated: Apr 3

So...lockdown measures were relaxed on 29th March to alllow for two households or 6 people to meet just in time for the spring flowers, my favourite of which are the bluebells.

These gorgeous flowers make an enchanting backdrop to your family pictures and haven't you been waiting so long for that perfect picture for your wall or facebook?

Where do I shoot?

I have a couple of locations which I use for my bluebell photography; one near Lymington in the New forest

and one in Winchester. The lymington one is a small enclosure suitable only for the mini shoots but perfect for shots of your little ones and the Winchester location can accomodate family shoots as well as minis.

What to wear?

If you are wondering what to wear, first and

foremost wear what makes you feel comfortable because when you are comfortable you will look more natural in your photos. You might want to consider the strong colour palette of the Bluebells and choose something that compliments rather than competes. Usually orangey yellow colours are complimentary with the purple-blueish flowers, however, because the stems of the bluebells and the leaves surrounding them are a bright green, the backdrop already has quite a strong colour palette so neutral coloured, non-patterned textiles will be best to ensure your attire isn't competing with your environment. I have found my favourite images of the bluebells are when my clients are wearing beiges and whites or pale lemons, lilacs and light blues. Just bear in mind when you have little ones, spring time can still be quite chilly and your child won't perform if they are cold so make sure any jumpers, sweaters or little jackets you bring are something you would like them photographed in.

How to book?

If you would like to book a shoot here are the links below to the available slots

Bluebell Mini and Midi Shoots book here! (Winchester location)

Bluebell Mini shoots Book here! (Lymington location)

Bluebell Family and full sessions Book here! (Winchester location)

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